What Makes for a Good Recruiter?
November 10, 2020 at 5:00 AM
h2h enrollments what makes a good recruiter

You’re on the job hunt.

You’ve been searching for a while, but nothing has come up.

Is it time to think about recruiter solutions? And if so, what makes a good recruiter?

We here at H2H Enrollments think it’s a great idea to consider working with a recruiter. A recruiter can get you access to positions you may not find on your own. They can also help you leverage your skills and work history for a potential opening. Adding a sidekick to your job hunt can only strengthen your search.

But like any great superhero, you probably want to be sure that you have a great partner in your corner. So what makes for a good recruiter?

Here’s what we at H2H Enrollments believe makes for a good recruiter.

They have a good relationship with their clients.

A good recruiter knows what employers want in a candidate. They know what kind of personality works in their environment, what qualifications stand out, and more. So when the recruiter reviews your resume, they can see if it’s a good fit right away.

They know about the jobs they post and understand the demands.

A recruiter should send you information about a job, but only if it matches what you’re looking for. They may be wasting your time if they provide vague details or send you positions that don’t generally match your job search criteria. A great recruiter will know all the details about available positions, as well as location and compensation.

Your recruiter keeps job listings fresh and knows why they’re available.

As we mentioned before, vague job postings are a big no-no. So are aging jobs and jobs that seem like they may have high employee turnover. A good recruiter will keep job listings fresh and know why they’re available. They’ll be able to share lots of delightful details with you about potential positions to consider.

They don’t cut to the chase too quickly.

Meeting with a recruiter for the first time is like a first date. You want to get to know each other a little bit before asking weightier questions. The same goes for recruiters. It’s important for them to know about you and what you’d like to accomplish. But if they’re asking for your last salary right away or ask you to send your resume without giving you any information about them, it might be time to say, “Thanks but I think we should see other people.”

They keep in touch with you, even when there’s not much to share.

Even when there’s not much to share, a good recruiter will keep in touch with you. Granted, they may not have the perfect position for you, but they’ll let you know what’s going on. A true trait of a great recruiter is transparency; they’ll be honest if nothing on the horizon just yet. This is important because you should feel included in the job hunt process.

Job searching can be a tedious and sometimes exhausting process, especially when you don’t hear anything back. Utilizing a recruiter service like H2H Enrollments is a great idea to make sure you stay motivated, efficient, and positive during your search.

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