6 things to keep in mind during the recruiting process
December 30, 2021 at 7:00 AM
6 things to keep in mind during the recruiting process

Recruiting for your company is not an easy task. You're charged with finding the next great person to fill an opening with someone who's legitimately qualified to do the job and do it well. At H2H Enrollments, we can give you some tips to keep in mind during the recruiting process to ensure that you hire the best person for the job.

Know what you're looking for

Create an avatar of the candidate you want to fill the position. Identify experience, education, skills, and even personality for someone who will fit the requirements of the position and the company's culture. Going into the recruiting process without an ideal candidate is like shopping for clothes without knowing what you want. You'll either wander around for several hours and not get anything or buy something and immediately regret it. The recruiting process isn't one where you'll know the right person when you see them.

Use technology

You can post your job to your company's HR website, so candidates apply through your secure portal, but it's important that you branch out. There are amazing candidates everywhere that are waiting to interview for your job. Post your job opening to job boards like Glassdoor, Indeed, and ZipRecruiter, as well as LinkedIn. Professionals share job postings with their network all the time, and your next hire could be someone who has never heard of your company before today.

Write a good job posting

The job posting is your way of selling the position and company to a potential candidate. Most people who are applying are trying to scan the posting to quickly learn about your company, the job, position requirements, and benefits. Keep your posting concise and specific so people can easily read through it. You can give a brief insight into your company's culture by the tone and language you use throughout the posting as well. However, it's important to avoid language that's too casual and industry slang and abbreviations unless they're specific to the job description.

The candidate experience

Remember that looking for a new job is stressful. Whether it's because they're looking for a pay raise, need to get out of a toxic environment, or are currently without a job, there's always a reason people are looking for a new job. You can make the recruiting process a good experience for any candidate, whether you hire them or not, by showing respect and communicating with them. Anything from a personal phone call congratulating them with each step forward they take in the hiring process to a standardized email letting them know you're not moving forward with their application, people want to know where they stand in the process.

Employee value proposition

Every company has something to offer prospective employees. You should provide more benefits to employees than the "opportunity" to work at your company. While some companies offer destination jobs, those are few and far between. Even then, destination jobs offer value to employees that they can't get at other places. Don't be afraid to include information about the position's salary, highlights from the benefits package, and the work environment and culture. Most prospective employees will be asking these questions before getting too far into the hiring process, so it's good to have answers.

Consider previous candidates

It's not uncommon to have a group of highly qualified prospects to fill a position, but you have to choose one from among them. Eventually, you're going to have to fill that position, or one like it, again. Don't be afraid to contact previous candidates you felt were a good fit for the position to see if they're still interested. You can cut down on your recruiting process as you already have a candidate who fits the position.

Contact us for more

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