Do I Need an HR Rep from a Small Business Consulting Firm?
April 30, 2021 at 9:30 PM
Small business consulting firms can help with HR issues.

As a small business owner, there isn’t much you can’t do. You’re used to making tough choices when it comes to your budget. Over the years, you’ve honed a sixth sense for determining what needs to be taken care of ASAP versus what you can let slide until the next quarter. And you’ve hired an exceptional management team you trust. You may rely on them for your human resource needs, cutting out the expense of an HR rep.

But there’s so much more that falls under the umbrella of human resources–including strategies to help your business run more efficiently and ensure compliance with federal and state regulations. A small business consulting firm can operate as your HR department, providing you with the advantages of an HR rep without the expense of an in-house salaried position.

Get more effective recruitment and better employee retention.

Most small business owners handle hiring and firing employees themselves or delegate to a management team. But you don’t always have time to find and recruit top talent in your field when you’re busy running a company and managing existing staff. A small business consulting firm can help you find better candidates, conduct in-depth interviews, and present you with the best prospective employees available.

Small business consulting firms that offer human resources services go beyond reading resumes and interviewing. They handle onboarding, benefits enrollment, and paperwork to ensure the best start possible for your new team members—all without pulling resources from your management team.

Small business consulting firms manage and track employee benefits.

To attract the best talent, you need a competitive benefits package. And better benefits mean healthier and more productive employees. But you want to make sure your benefits strategy is both practical and provides a worthwhile ROI. An experienced small business consulting firm will evaluate your company, highlight your goals, and guarantee an improvement to your bottom line with an innovative benefits package.

Plus, they’ll track the accrual and usage of everything from paid time off to vacation days and sick leave.

Gain peace of mind with state and federal employment law compliance.

The last thing any small business owner wants to get hit with a fine because of a compliance issue. It’s one of the major benefits of a dedicated human resource department for your company. But it’s tempting to neglect HR when you feel you have a good handle on employment law.

However, even a minor mistake in hiring, firing, or appropriate posted notices regarding federal regulations could leave you vulnerable to a future lawsuit. A small business consulting firm will ensure you’re protected and compliant with all local and national employment laws.

Get quantitative data about your human capital management.

Human capital management involves everything from recruitment and onboarding to ongoing training and employee retention rate. Your employees are essential to running and growing your small business. You want to make sure that you’re seeing a return on investment with the professional development your company provides.

As a small business consulting firm, H2H Enrollments evaluates and analyzes employee training, performance, and certifications to make quantitative recommendations about retention and promotion for your team. Make data-driven decisions to get the best from your employees.

Contact H2H Enrollments to work with a small business consulting firm for your HR needs.

The H2H Enrollments team takes pride in helping businesses of all sizes streamline their HR, technology, and compliance with full-service human capital management. We’re longtime industry professionals that bring solutions-oriented strategies to our clients. Whatever your HR needs, we offer expertise across 20 service areas and customize our support to your unique needs.

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