Benefit enrollment hacks for employers in 2022
December 13, 2021 at 4:00 PM
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Benefit enrollment season is upon us once again. Some employees may opt not to participate, but they could be missing out on a lot of …well, benefits.

At H2H Enrollments, we believe that tapping into these benefits is a great way to secure your employees’ futures, as well as their long-term commitment. We are a painstakingly-curated team of industry professionals with the experience and expertise to streamline your company’s benefits, HR, health management plans, technology, and more.

If you’re looking for tips on how to get your employees to sign up during the next enrollment period, this post is for you. Let’s walk you through some of our best open enrollment hacks to consider in the coming year.

1) Review the benefits you want to offer to employees

There are different kinds of employee benefits you can give to employees as a reward for their dedication at work. They include health, dental, and life insurance benefits. You can also give specialized perks like ancillary or voluntary benefits such as legal insurance.

The important thing is that whatever benefits you want to offer them must be relevant to their needs. For instance, you could offer life insurance benefits to younger employees so they can enjoy the benefits of compounding over the coming years.

2) Guide employees on what they need early on

When we say early on, we’re not referring to two to three weeks before submission. As much as possible, communicate with employees as early as possible. Send company memos to remind them of the incoming enrollment season and encourage them to assess their needs for future stability.

Your employees have different needs. Guiding them in choosing which benefit to get is crucial for their future. For example, older employees may want to prioritize health insurance because illnesses may become more frequent as they age.


It’s best not just to leave your employees hanging here. Don’t just give them information sheets and wait for them to decide. Take current circumstances into consideration too. If they had a recent illness, they might prefer programs that offer more short-term benefits.

3) Give your employees time to make a decision

Benefits are future securities. Don’t expect your employees to make decisions for the future without carefully thinking about it. Though some employees delay filling out forms to the last minute, some have to consider their family members before making a decision.

Crucial decisions like benefit coverages and beneficiaries are serious family matters for some married employees. Hence, consider giving them ample time (at least three weeks) to reach a decision.

4) Review the benefits to them one more time

Sometimes the benefits enrollment season comes by so fast that some employees just fill out the form without taking the time to understand what they’re enrolling in or its resulting benefits. At that point, they just want to be able to beat the deadline. This is not ideal. HR departments can do more to ensure that employees fully understand the importance of enrolling and what benefits they’re signing up for.

You could schedule meetings with them to review the benefits one more time. Make sure it’s a safe space where they can freely talk about their concerns. Address these issues directly and help them see why this is an opportunity they shouldn’t waste.


Open enrollment season can be taxing everyone in the company, but it need not be that way. At H2H Enrollments, we offer custom benefit enrollment solutions to help your employees get the best benefits based on their unique needs.

From health and dental benefits to vision and ancillary coverages, we specialize in promoting employee wellbeing and contributing to your company’s bottom line through improved productivity and reduced turnovers.

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