Getting the most out of an administrative services organization
April 22, 2022 at 7:00 AM
A group of employees celebrating their new benefits administration services.

When running a business, you invest considerable time, manpower, and money into administrative tasks. Ultimately, reducing expenses and maximizing efficiencies is crucial for every organization, and an administrative services organization helps you do just that. Fortunately, at H2H Enrollments, we are a one-stop-shop for clients large enough to customize packages and small enough to be agile and adaptable. Still, it is crucial to understand how to maximize your experience with these organizations.

To make the most of these services, trust them to:

Use their expertise and resources.

Getting the most out of an administrative services organization requires trusting their expertise and resources.

Optimizing what you gain from these services requires trusting them and their processes. These organizations are uniquely equipped to manage everything from benefits administration to compliance assurance to tax management.

Trusting them and their expertise ensures you are always compliant with constantly changing legislature, and it maximizes your returns when considering reinvestment strategies for tax savings, which is hugely beneficial.

Plus, by trusting them to utilize and leverage their resources to your advantage, you save money by eliminating the need to invest in costly technology and software solutions to manage payroll, enrollment, compliance, tax management, and more.

Moreover, trusting them to use their resources means employees work more efficiently and productively, which saves money on manpower that would otherwise be used on tedious tasks like payroll and data entry by allocating it where it is needed most.

Lastly, entrusting these organizations with administrative tasks means seamlessly integrating all their services with one provider, optimizing efficiency, and providing a streamlined human resources experience.

Streamline and administer employee benefits.

To maximize your experience with an administrative services organization, trust them to streamline and administer employee benefits.

Conducting benefits administration in-house is supremely inefficient. Filling out paperwork for benefits and other types of tedious personnel management account for approximately 25 to 35% of a business owner’s workweek.

This results in a significant expenditure of time better used on critical revenue-producing business tasks. Allowing outsourced administrative services to streamline this process enables you and your employees to work more efficiently and productively.

Plus, it results in significantly lower expenses and offers employees more options for benefits. A broader range of benefits motivates employees and establishes a positive corporate culture, which creates a more productive, efficient work environment.

By trusting an administrative services organization, you also gain access to exclusive deals and packages that would otherwise be unavailable. Reading through papers and outlining options is time-intensive.

Plus, it’s difficult to understand the language, which results in costly mistakes and missed opportunities. Trusting these services streamlines and optimizes this process and eliminates the need to negotiate with carriers.

Reduce liability and streamline compliance.

Trusting an administrative services organization to manage and streamline organizational compliance maximizes your experience.

Navigating compliance is complicated. Reading through and understanding regulations is time-intensive, which detracts from time spent on critical business operations. Moreover, understanding regulations requires considerable experience and expertise.

Failing to comprehend regulations has devastating results. With risks of fines, sanctions, lawsuits, and more, outsourcing these administrative tasks mitigates risk. Trusting these organizations maximizes efficiencies while incomparably reducing liability.

Plus, it even protects you during lawsuits. Trusting these organizations provides maximum protection because they assume employer responsibilities. Ultimately, this is a benefit optimized by entrusting them with the process.

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